Friday, June 19, 2015


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     Being a military wife certainly isn't easy and I won't be able to tell you much about it in one sitting, but what I do want to share with you is that having a tradition can be very important. With all of the moving and constant changes, finding something that feels familiar is my saving grace. We started the tradition of eating pastries on the weekend when I was a young child living in New York near family. 

     I have found that carrying the tradition with my husband and children has been a good way for me to keep some stability in my life. At times it can seem like the world is caving in on me and doing something familiar on a weekly basis makes me feel at peace. My favorite part of eating pastries on the weekend is the part where we walk to get them. We don't always buy our pastries; sometimes we make them, but when we do buy them, the walk is favorite part. I like breathing in the cool morning air, feeling the breeze on my skin, watching families hop in and out of their cars as they prepare for their full day ahead of them, and being able to talk with my husband and daughter. 

     Talks with my family on our walk feels so different from our talks in the car. It feels like for a moment, that time has slowed down to let us enjoy one another in a real way. I feel like we are always bonding in a new way each time that we walk to get our pastries. This summer I urge you to find the time to embark on a new journey with your family. Do something that you will be able to continue on a repetitive basis. I have found so much joy in this tradition and I think you will too. 

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