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Ring Sling - Tula - Print: Lorelei Anthias

Structured Carrier - Tula - Print: Oasis

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     Meet Rachelle, mommy to Mason and Paige and a Hawaii native. I met Rachelle in Hawaii at church and loved watching her with her kids. She is an inspirational mommy and I am proud to call her a friend. Rachelle is a firm believer in Baby wearing and breastfeeding and feels very fortunate to be able to breastfeed her babies without any complications. She has the greatest sympathy for those that want to nurse and are unable to have the supply to feed their babies. 

     I asked Rachelle to give some insight on her breastfeeding experience and she had an even better idea; to share how she wears babies while nursing at the same time. I did a little 'Q & A' (question and answer) with Rachelle to find out more and here is what she shared:

Why is breastfeeding so important to you? "Breastfeeding is important to me, not only because it's natural and has many health benefits for the baby, but because it's an amazing bonding experience."

What kind of advice do you have for those that have a low supply? "I don't really have tricks or tips for milk supply (as I have never had issues), but if I had to say something about it, it would be to drink lots of water and eat steel cut oatmeal for breakfast. I do feel that when I eat steel cut oats, it boosts my supply. Also, keep taking those prenatal vitamins."

What positions do you prefer? "I tend to feed in the cradle position or side lying position. The cradle position also works well when baby wearing with the ring sling."

How long did you breastfeeding Mason? "I nursed Mason until he was 2 1/2 & plan to nurse Paige for at least a year or longer if she wants to and is willing."

What tips can you give for new moms? "Breastfeeding isn't always easy in the beginning. The first month is the hardest (while baby learns to latch properly), but keep pushing through it because it gets easier. Please seek help if you need it and don't be so quick to give up."

Why do you support baby wearing? "Baby wearing is really important to me, not only is it great for bonding, but it is also great for the baby's development and allows me to carry Paige hands free so I can tend to Mason too."

What should people look for when shopping for a carrier? "If you are looking into baby wearing, stay away from Bjorn type carriers. They can cause hip dysplasia. Baby should always be seated in an "M" position, with their bottoms slightly lower than their knees. Do your research to find what type of carrier is right for you."

Which carrier do you prefer to breastfeed in and how do you make it work? "Breastfeeding is easiest in my ring sling, because I can loosen the sling, lay Paige down in the cradle position, and nurse while using the tail of the fabric as a cover. Super easy & convenient. I have nursed her while walking and shopping many times."

How do you breastfeed in your up-right carrier? "To breastfeed in my SSC (Soft Structured Carrier), I loosen the top straps on the shoulders of the carrier and the shoulder straps a bit and I use the hood as a cover. It's not as easy as nursing in the ring sling for me, but it can still be done!"

At what age did you stop wearing Mason, your eldest? "I wore Mason in a back carry until he was 3 in a Tula toddler carrier. It was perfect to have on hand for when we had a lot of walking to do and was great for when he got tired and didn't want to walk anymore."

Is there anything else you would like to share with us? "There are a lot baby wearing groups around and in many areas you can try on different carriers and get help from experienced baby wearers. Sometimes, they'll even lend you a carrier to try before buying."
     Mahalo for sharing Rachelle! Have fun baby wearing my friends and try nursing in the carrier in an attempt to make your life easier. I know it has helped me with having two kids!

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