Saturday, December 26, 2015


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     Earlier this year I wrote a post about my biracial marriage and how we are treated as a couple and now I wanted to give some insight on how our family is treated as a whole. Raising kids no matter the color is always challenging. Everyone we meet comments on how adorable our children are because they are mixed. People tend to say that "mixed babies are the cutest" which always gives me a good laugh. Yes, I would agree with this statement because I have mixed babies, but aren't all babies cute in their own way? I find it funny that 'because' my babies are mixed, people think they are cute. It is a statement I hear all too often. I wouldn't say that I am opposed to hearing it, I just find it to be an interesting proposition. 

     Something that is unique about our family is that each child resembles one of us. Our daughter favors her father's darker skin and features. While Matthew favors my lighter skin and features. Both of which are exact opposites. Usually in mixed scenarios, the children tend to be a color that meets somewhere in between both parents pigment, but not in our case. Matthew has blue eyes like me and Riley has brown eyes like her daddy. Because of the extreme differences of our kids, people tend to stare long and hard at our family. 

     Some people think that our kids are not ours when we are out alone with them; they think Riley is not my daughter and that Matthew is not his father's because of the way we all look. When we are all together, some people will ask if Matthew is from both my husband and I because we ended up with a darker first-born and a lighter second-born. I am here to tell you that just because your kids are mixed does not mean they will be an even color that meets in the middle of the parent's skin color. Our kids are a great example of that. I think we should have more mixed families on television, so that people can be aware and educated on the matter. I don't get upset when people ask me if our children have the same parents because it is an honest mistake, but I don't exactly love the stares and looks that we get sometimes. The looks that we rarely get, makes me feel like I am a woman who stepped out on her man and had a baby with another guy because Matthew is so light and mostly resembles that of a caucasian baby. 

     I mostly just want to say that I love being a part of a mixed family that is full of love and honors the Lord. I love that our children look so different because each takes after one of us. They are ours and we love them and each other. 

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