Sunday, March 1, 2015


     Winter in Hawaii can be extremely difficult to dress for- you never know what to expect. There seems to be four weather patterns that I have discovered during the winter: cool and breezy, tropical and warm, cold and rainy, and humid and rainy. Our winter season here in Hawaii is our rainy season, which is why tickets to fly here are a little cheaper. Not only is our weather extremely finicky during our winter months, but all parts of the island have their own climate. You can experience different temperatures depending on which part of the island you are located. For example, I could be on the west side where it is hot and dry and drive just an hour away to the East side where it will be windy and rainy on the same day! This tends to confuse my inner fashionista and has left me unprepared more than a handful of times. 

     This outfit is a great example of my confusion from our finicky winter weather. I woke up to a cool breeze with little to no humidity and figured it would be the perfect day to put some more miles on my grey leather boots (similar), but I was so wrong! The weather later turned out to be tropical and warm, so I of course had to adapt by throwing on a sun dress to fit the ever-changing weather here.

     When I first got dressed this morning, I put my maternity denim on and paired it with my maroon tee (similar) for an extra cozy day. I added my pendent necklace and turquoise earrings (similar) to offset as fun pops of color. My brown leather bag (similar) was used as my diaper bag for the day and my hair was made easy by a pull forward dutch braid- this braid seems to be my go to style during my last trimester of pregnancy, because it is easy and quick. I don't feel like taking the time that I used to during my first and second trimester to do my hair. My time seems to be more limited lately with our impending move back to the mainland and our daughter's growing need to be outside at all times. I have to be very choosey about where I want to spend my alone time in order to get all of the things on my 'to-do' list accomplished. 
     Does anyone else feel the same way I do about prioritizing in this fashion? I don't want my beauty to come last, but I am having to make sacrifices in certain areas in order to meet my child's needs as well as having a clean and tidy home. 

     Please email me or comment below on any questions you may have. Also, please participate in the current poll, which you will find located to the right of this post in the marginal space. Mahalo!

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