Monday, March 2, 2015


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     My morning started out a little rough after I found poop on our living room rug; compliments from our 6.5 lb yorkshire terrier. I was so frazzled and strapped for time after waking up late and finding our dog's poop on the floor was the cherry on top of my busy morning. I could have thrown myself on the floor and started wailing like my one year old, but I decided I would try and keep it together for her sake. Our daughter was silent and stared at the carpet and said "uh oh" after I yelled at our dog, Daisy, and told her to "go potty outside" with the most firm and little to no patience voice you can imagine. Let's face it, I was furious with my dog for pooping on my rug! She has been acting so crazy lately, because she knows we are moving. She goes through this weird cycle every time we are getting ready to move and decides to rebel against me. 

     I guess it doesn't help that my husband and I haven't been letting her sleep in the bed with us. We have been preparing for the arrival of our second child and don't want to feel smothered sharing the bed with too many warm bodies, so someone had to go. Our dog acts like such a diva and thinks that she runs the house whenever we are preparing for a move. Her behavior is unnecessary and most definitely not appreciated. This mom over here just wants to catch a break! Between preparing for the move, picking up after Daisy, being pregnant, and having a one year old, I feel like I am drowning. I just want to enjoy our last days left on this Island feeling full of love, serenity, tranquility, and joy. Instead I am pretty much experiencing the exact opposite. Please feel free to share your hectic mornings with me by commenting on this post. We all need some motivation and encouragement at one point or another. 

     After we arrived at church I was quickly complimented by friends and staff on my outfit, which of course made me feel like a million bucks after the morning I was having. My beautiful sparkly necklace (similar) stood out and I received a handful of compliments on it. My necklace complimented my yellow cardigan sweater (similar) and my blue teal shorts (similar) very well and added a fun glamorous vibe to my ensemble. I felt so vibrant and thankful to have put the effort in to getting dressed this morning; the compliments I received really helped turn my day around. Being pregnant can be hard, especially when your wardrobe is nowhere near as large as it usually is and finding clothes to wear becomes a hassle more than a treat. I just want to feel good about myself and today turned out to be a great fashion day. 

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     P.S. incase you are wondering, I am 31 weeks pregnant. 

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