Wednesday, February 25, 2015


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     At 30 weeks I am feeling bigger than ever and I have to keep my feet comfortable to support my back from the ever growing baby in my belly. I must admit this second pregnancy is a lot easier than my first due to the simple fact that I have little to no acne and have been much more active. I made it my goal this time around to gain no more than a total of 35 pounds and so far, I believe I will be able to reach my goal- can I get an amen? Woo! 

     I wore this outfit to run some errands with my one year old in tote and chasing after her is no easy task. Keeping up with my daughter requires a good pair of sneaks and these Nike's  are the next best thing since sliced bread on my feet. I have also been extremely thankful for comfortable clothes that still make me feel good about myself and this dress (similar) is a must have basic in my maternity wardrobe. I paired this cozy chic dress (ha see what I did there?) with a simple striped vest for some depth and perception. I wanted my bump to stand out and we all know that horizontal stripes are known to make a woman's body look larger, so it was a match made in heaven. It was almost as if I had arrows pointing to my belly, saying "look at this baby bump". 

     Next to my comfortable dress is my fabulous bag! Rule number one is to always pair an outfit with a super cute bag. I love my bags and have a small obsession with leather ones. This blue Kate Spade (similar) is one of 6 designer leather bags that I have in my possession. What can I say? I have big feet, so a girl has to find something to buy and I have chosen bags to be my guilty pleasure. I am proud to say that every single one of them have been purchased at half price or less thanks to all of the great deals I find in stores and online. My husband definitely appreciates the sales that I find, so we don't have to pay full price. 

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  1. I love this outfit, you look great and so comfy!

    1. Thank you! This outfit is by far one of my favorites.