Monday, February 23, 2015


     Stop lugging two or more bags around and make life easier for yourself by utilizing one. That is right ladies, I said one bag. Be the minimalist you want to be and set your arms free from the weight of multiple bags by purchasing a large tote or crossover bag of your choosing. If you have been looking for an excuse to purchase that bag you have been gawking over, now is your chance! 

     Separate your bag in to two parts by adding two zipper pouches to place all of your child's basic necessities and toys in for the day and the rest of the room will be yours to fill with personal goodies such as your wallet, make-up, sunglasses, and etc. One of the zipper pouches can be filled with toys, diapers, and wipes, while the other zipper pouch can be filled with food and his/her drink cup. 

     I ditched the diaper bag not long after having my daughter and became a minimalist after a handful of trips to the store by myself. I was overwhelmed by keeping track of two bags as well as my daughter. I couldn't carry everything without breaking a sweat and now that I have trimmed down, I can carry my daughter and purse with ease. This also gave me a great excuse to buy the designer bag I was swooning over. When I explained to my husband my need to trim down to one bag after my many horrible trips to the store without him, he agreed it would make my life easier and bought me the designer bag the next day. 

     Why buy a bag that you don't love and strain yourself when you can buy your dream bag and get around the town without having to put in some serious effort? My point exactly! There is only one clear and simple answer to resolve our mommy worries and headaches and that is to shave down to one bag. 

What I wore: 

Shorts (similar) Shorts (similar)
Sunrise seashell necklace by local jewelry designer in Hawaii

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