Sunday, January 24, 2016


Taking pictures with the master colorist, Mike Petrizzl
Getting glammed up

Coloring my hair in the studio

Behind the scenes look at ZOTOS' mixing room

Color samples

Taking tips from the photographer on where to place my hand, so he could get a great shot!

One of the other hair models getting a plum balayage

In the process of adding blonde back in to my hair

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     Taking a day away from the kids to get a behind the scenes look at Zotos Professional Inc. was quite an experience. I was asked to be a hair model for the day and got a tour of their building. We got to see where they make their formulas for each item they sell, their testing salon, and their studio where they film. We also got to meet with some skilled artists in the hair industry as well as a photographer and lovely make-up artist.

     The day was jam packed with lots and lots of pictures and hair coloring. I got my make-up done and was given some extremely helpful tips on how to do a professional balayage on my hair from Mike Petrizzl. Mike is a colorist from New York City and works at a fabulous salon in Chelsea, so it was such a treat to get some helpful pointers on how to do my coloring the right way.

     We took my 7N& 8A hair color to a lighter, brighter color by adding some bleached pieces using the technique known as balayage. Balayage is the method of sweeping on hair color to create softer highlights. I am looking to go even blonder, but have to do it in steps so I don't ruin my hair.

     I have never been so proud to be a part of such a loving and talented company. It is such an honor to be able to blog for Zotos Professional. Mind you, I am not on their payroll, but I do test out their new products and share my thoughts on each item. This opportunity all came about when I ventured out to Sally Beauty Supply to try a new color line in the Spring of 2015. While researching the brands I found at Sally's, I felt that the Zotos color line had the highest concentration of color and nutrients that I was looking for. I blogged about my love for their hair products and one of their public relations employees contacted me. The rest is history.

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