Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Never have I ever been on such a long trip with the kids and I have to tell you it was a success! Ben has to do a lot of traveling for his job right now and that means staying in hotels, driving rental cars, and eating out. I didn't want to be home without him, so we tagged along and got to enjoy all that traveling has to offer. 

We started off in Dallas for a few days and got to delight in some food that you all saw me post on my Instagram; Hopdoddy, SouthPaw, and Cafe Express. We also got to swim at the hotel and play at an outdoor splash pad at one of the nearby parks. Riley had a ball and so did we! After just a few days in Dallas we headed over to Houston where we hotel hopped from one Marriott Spring Hill to a Marriott Residence Inn right in the heart of Houston. It was the best decision. We were in walking distance to so many neat shops and great food places. We also got to enjoy leisurely walks inside the Galleria Mall and their little play gym for Riley to climb all over. 

In between our trip, Riley turned two! We took her to Sea World in San Antonio on her birthday and ended it with dinner at Olive Garden. It was such a treat to see the look on her face when she saw the whales and dolphins jumping out of the water. She was so happy and I could see that we made her day!

How did we travel from city to city you might ask? In a little sedan! It wasn't the nicest car I have ever been in, but we made it work. We brought Riley's iPad with us, so she could watch movies, and we made sure to have lots of snack for her to choose from like: popcorn, chips, apples, gummies, pretzels, and cookies (we have experienced healthier road trips). I definitely recommend going on a trip or many trips for that matter with kids. The experiences and memories are ones that will last forever. Don't wait. Get out there and start living! Your kids will adjust. 

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