Monday, September 14, 2015


My favorite beauty products right now
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    Contouring, fake lashes, and hair extensions are all the craze these days. It is becoming the norm for people to be done up and it makes me sad. I think wearing a lot of make-up does an injustice to woman all over. We are raising the bar for what men think is pretty. This bar is unrealistic and as far from natural as we could possibly be. I don’t want my little brother getting the idea that make-up is supposed to be on a woman’s face. What happens when it all comes off? What happens when he thought a high cheekbone existed when it doesn’t? What happens when he finds out that the lashes he loves so dearly are glued on?

     I feel like these three things: contouring, lashes, and hair extensions are deceiving men. Just the other day I was talking to my husband about a few women and asked him if he thought each item was real or fake and he got every answer wrong. He can no longer tell the difference between real and fake. It concerns me that we have put such a heavy emphasis on being made up. What does this mean? How should I feel with my not so thick head of hair, my blonde eyelashes, and my porous skin? I thought I was supposed to love me for me. I AM supposed to love me for me and I do, but all these things are making it hard for me to do just that!

     I can appreciate subtle contouring that is on the natural side. It is an art and I admire skilled artists, but I don’t think looking like a tiger before you blend your make-up is necessary. An alternative to changing your look can be picking out a darker lip color or dying your hair. I am nervous for my little brother's view on what women should look like. I want my brother to grow up finding women beautiful in their natural state with nothing on their skin. I want him to see that pimple on a girl’s face and see it as normal and a passing thing. I want my brother to see that ‘shrimpy’ braid on a girl and say “Wow, what pretty hair she has!” I want my brother to see the girl with shorter, stubbier lashes and know that she is fearfully and wonderfully made, because God made her.

     I think there is a difference between enhancing our features and creating ones that don’t really exist. Make-up can be a lot of fun to wear, but we have to know that we are beautiful and believe it with every fiber in our bodies. Love you for you!

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