Tuesday, August 25, 2015


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    Last week we upgraded Riley's bed from a crib to a toddler bed. The transition has been exceptional! Riley stays in bed and has yet to fall off on to the floor. We have been reluctant to make the change because of having our new baby, but she has blown us away by staying in her bed until the morning. We had originally feared the worst; losing sleep to tuck her back in to bed and listening to her run around and scream if she wasn't tired enough. I think it is safe to say that Riley has squashed our qualms and has proven us wrong. Our little girl is growing up! 

     Here is what we are doing to make the transition go smoothly:
  • We put Riley to bed when she is tired (bedtime is between 7 & 8pm). 
  • We make sure she plays outside before going to bed to tire her out.
  • We wash Riley before bed.
  • We rolled a towel and placed it under the fitted sheet on the edge of the mattress so she doesn't roll out of bed.
  • We have a camera monitor in her room aimed at her bed, so we can see what she is doing.
  • We put a foam mat under her crib incase she rolls out on to the floor for a softer landing.
  • We pray with Riley (praying calms her).
  • We have put a gate at her bedroom door for safety precautions in case she wakes us and tries to leave her room.
     Riley currently calls for us just like she did when she was in the crib and stays in bed. We were ready to tuck her in if she climbed out multiple times, but that hasn't happened. Riley got out of bed one time during her nap time and played for about 20 minutes and then tucked herself back in to bed. We were watching her on the camera the entire time, anxiously waiting to see her next move. 

     We decided to wait to transition Riley in to a toddler bed until she showed signs of being too big for a crib. I think waiting until she was ready is why bed time in the toddler bed has been such a success. The first sign was Riley climbing out of her crib and falling on the floor a month ago. She climbed out of her crib just that once until last week when she attempted it again. We felt it was time. Riley's understanding of the world around her has greatly expanded, so we knew we could talk with her more reasonably if she were to get out of bed and try to run around. 

    We will keep you all updated as time passes. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

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